“Creatu developers” young entrepreneurs

By प्रकाश धिताल     

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14797324_1258085630902281_1330078443_n“When you cease to dream you cease to live” as quoted by Malcolm Forbes is a perfect match for Creatu Developers. 5 years ago, 5 different individuals from 5 different communities decided to pursue their career in Bachelors of Computer Engineering, and that’s where they met as class mates. These were 5 enthusiastic individuals with a motive of doing something different and own in their life. They had different skills, different qualities, but the only thing common between them was their hunger to stand on their own and have their own identification. After completing their Bachelors in the year 2016, they decided to combine and form a group. This was a birth of Creatu Developers, actually a birth of 5 tech entrepreneurs. They were young and energetic mind who were very passionate about what they were doing and knew it too perfection. Creatu Developers is an IT company that fills the IT requirements of every business houses and organization. In the initial days, they were working as a service based company, but now they have decided to come up with their own product, C-Banking. C-banking is a pioneer to smart banking that simplifies a banking behavior for the users. It is a semi-intelligent app that helps users to get the best feasible solution and also provides platform for banks and financial institutions to promote their packages as well as services.So, Creatu Developers(creatudevelopers.com) are here as a team of five tech entrepreneurs to create an evolution in the field of technology.